ST2023 “Frame”

Here’s a ST2023 frame template.
This option takes the least amount of space.
Takes the largest load (230kg)

is an excellent choice for couples who want to harmoniously enjoy the pleasure together. The hammer is located higher above the ground. Offers a slight gait. A feeling of comfort, deep embrace and calm sleep. Move a blanket across the top beam and feel comfortable in a cocoon, like a cocoon.

It may surprise you, but the ST2023 “frame” stand is also usable for “PALACE stand”, “stand for and to FIRE” – even dab it or wash it), hanger, “chest”, football door, “mini-volleyball net”, badminton, and … … …
Very functional, very stable, easy to move, practical, ergonomic and ideal for home where the place is LIMITED.

the most important thing.
Remind us – the stands are collapsible. They’re in the trunk of every car. Dimensions: 1m / 0.2m / 0.2m (length = 1m, width up to 20cm and height up to 20cm) in assembled condition.
It’s a perfect choice for you, especially if you like to be outdoors in nature. It occupies only 2 square meters of space, making it ideal for the home and the room. The ST2023 hammock is compact – enjoy the luxury it offers without even leaving the room.

ffers without even leaving the room.