ST2023 “frame”

Hammock stand ST2023 "frame"
Only, you must have a hammock which can withstand 230 kg.!
Required space when stretched 2 sq m Construction Weight: 19.5 kg. +-0.5 kg.

Price: 588 BGN 490 BGN( galvanized coating)

Price: 1398 BGN 1165 BGN (Stainless Steel “INOX”)

NEW ->  Hammock stand ST2023 “frame”.

We present you a ST2023 “frame” hammock stand model.

The stretched stand of this hammock requires the smallest space.

Withstands the greatest load (230 kg.)

Мost insured in all planes (“N” forces and “M” moments)


                 Excellent choice for couples who want to harmoniously enjoy their time together.

            The Hammock is set higher above the ground and offers the possibility of slight swinging.

             It offers the feeling of comfort, a warm embrace and relaxed sleep. Throw a blanket through

            the upper beam and the feeling of cozy retreat as if into a cocoon.


It may surprise you, but the stand is practical and can be used as “TENT stand”, “stand for and by the FIRE”,  clothes line (even for carpets – for beating out or hanging washed), hanger, “dower-chest”, football door, “mini volleyball network”, badminton, as well as………

Very functional, very stable, easily translocation, portable, practical, ergonomic and ideal for your home where the space is


Hammock stand ST2023 “frame”with the most applications. 


Most important.

 Reminder – the stands can be folded.

    They can fit into the trunk of any car.

ST2023 “frame” Dimensions: 1 m/0.2 m/0.2 m (length = 1m., width up to 20 sm. and height up to 20 sm.) folded.

It’s a perfect choice for you, especially if you like to be outdoors in nature. It occupies only 2 square meters of space, making it ideal for the home and the room. hammock stend is compact – enjoy the luxury you offer without even leaving the room.

Hammock stand ST2023 “frame”.