ST2814 wave

Max. load capacity up to 200 kg. upon request.
Required space when stretched – 2.8 sq m Construction Weight: 20kg. +-0.5 kg.

Price: 600 BGN 500 BGN (galvanized coating)

Price: 1440 BGN 1200 BGN (stainless steel “INOX”)

NEW ->  Hammock stand “ST2814 wave“.

Fun stand for hammock “ST2814 wave”. Comfortably seated, surely embraced, protectively wrapped, relaxing outdoors in the open or at home. The gentle swing with the help of your legs helps you control the balance.
Which you can have a cup of coffee or tea, in the silent heart of Nature or especially in the hammock.
The stand for hammock “ST2814 wave”, stands like the “ST3312 boat” stand, but it’s even lower at the low end. It provides the feeling of an incredible and comfortable “hammock wave” that you can swing. Convenient for sitting and getting up, the ability of your feet to touch the ground gives you easier control over the hammock, but the position of the body creates another comfort compared to a “ST3312 boat”. The position of the hammock has a very beautiful look like a wave that has stopped to provide you with this pleasure and relaxation. Invites you to sit in the hammock to make yourself feel good. Seeing everything in front of you – when you are with your kids and relax in the hammock. While they play before you, it will leave you unforgettable pleasant moments.

“ST2814 wave” is an attractive, pleasant and unique hammock stand.

It also can withstand up to 140 kilograms of maximum load, and stand up to 200 kilograms upon request. The stand is a 2.8 meter long meta. in a folded position, the stand is in an bag of 1m / 20sm / 20sm. . The bag is comfortable to wear on the shoulder.
If you want to give yourself a wonderful experience, this is a great gift for you.

Hammock stand “ST2814 wave”.