ST2814 “Wool”

Fun stand ST2814 “Wave”. Comfortably seated, surely embraced, relaxed outdoors in nature or at home. The soft footing with legs allows you to control balance. So you can feel great while drinking your cup of coffee or tea. Immersed in natural silence or mostly in the hammock. Stand ST2814 “Wool” resembles ST3312 “Boat” stand, but unlike it, it is even lower at the low end. It provides the feeling of an incredible and comfortable chair that you can swing. It also lasts up to 140 kilograms of maximum load, and the stand can hold up to 200 kilograms on request. The stand is 2.8 meters long. in folded position. The stand is in a comfortable bag with dimensions of 1m / 20cm / 20cm. The bag is easily carried on the shoulder, there is a comfortable strap that distributes the weight so it weighs evenly. The hammer that is shot in the picture is just an example sold separately. You can see what we offer in the accessories menu. If you want to give yourself a wonderful experience that you will have for a lifetime this stand is the wonderful gift for you.