ST3018 “Smile”

The versatile folding stand ST3018 “Smile” allows you to transform the hammock into a “smiley-hammock.” It is suitable for yourself or for two, for sitting or sleeping, it is not important whether you stand outside provides incredible comfort in the hammock. at a suitable height to sit around a table or campfire, and be part of the enjoyable fun with friends or enjoy a sweet snack.This stand holds the hammock tight as a string.The hammer’s ability to rest on inclined supports prevents yavat swinging and provides a relaxing and restful sleep in a well-protected camp bed.

Stand ST3018 “a smile is very nice and comfortable If you want to feel a rest you never felt before, this stand could be a way of recreation that can not compare to anyone else You want a stand to spread anywhere with you where If you want to cruise the stand, on a mountain, in the yard, in front of the block, on the beach, you can enjoy your vacation anywhere you want.
The hammock is easily portable and has a small volume in a dismembered state in the bag.