ST3312 “Boat”

How about if the hammock is a little more interesting? The challenge for you will be that the staggered posture changes not only the vision of the hammock but also the position of your body. Convenience and comfort accompany this ST3312 “boat” model. The hammock offers panoramic views and a cozy hammock. Submerged, surely wrapped and relaxed, relax outdoors in nature or at home. A slight gesture contributes to the feeling of ease and the perfect balance between you and the Earth’s attraction. Raised at one end, the stand resembles a “boat”, standing firmly on land. A good companionship with friends, solitude in your favorite book, the silence of living nature or your musical preferences are part of this comfortable and fun ST3312 “boat” stand. This stand is great for relaxation, you can also eat or fish.

If you want a comfortable hammock on which you can always lie down when you want and not to lie down, and in the sitting position this is a great choice for you. Another advantage is that it can withstand up to 200 kilograms on request.