ST3312 “boat”

ST3312 "boat"
Possible Max. load capacity up to 200 kg. on demand.
Necessary place in the unfolded position 3,3 square meters construction weight: 20,4 kg. + -0.5kg.

Price: 552 BGN 460 BGN (galvanized coating)

Price: 1379 BGN 1140 BGN (stainless steel “INOX”)

Hammock stand ST3312 “boat”.

How about a hammock that is a little bit more interesting? It will be a challenge to have the stretched frame change not only the style of the hammock, but also the position of your body. Convenience and comfort and also accompany this hammock stand ST3312 “boat”. The hammock offers comfort and relaxation, panoramic view and the coziness of a chair- hammock. Half-lying, comfortably wrapped and consoled, you relax in the open or at home. The gentle swing contributes to the feeling of lightness and perfect balance between you and gravity. Lifted at one end, the stand resembles a “boat” standing firmly on land. The good company of your friends, the solitude of your favorite book, the serenity of Nature, or your music preferences, are part of this comfortable and entertaining posture hammock stand ST3312 “boat”.

The choice of this hammock stand ST3312 “boat” makes it possible for you to see the whole view in front of you without even lifting it. You will appreciate it in dignity at a time of breath taking view, to see the children playing in front of you or both. And you stand relaxed and climbing in a chair – hammock. You can imagine how you are waving in the waves and at the same time you are firmly on the ground. Stable, comfortable chair, located in the nature, in the yard or at home. Silence, privacy, rest.

An advantage for this hammock stand ST3312 “boat” is that it can withstand up to 200 kilograms on request after reinforcement. It is easy to fold and naturally complements your vacation.

hammock stand ST3312 “boat”