ST4012 “Standard”



Possible Max. load capacity up to 200 kg. on demand.

Necessary place in unfolded position 4sq.m. construction weight: 19.8kg. + -0.5 kg.

Price: 600 BGN 499 BGN(galvanized coating)

Price: 1440 BGN 1200 BGN (stainless steel “INOX”)

Hammock stand ST4012“standard.

We present you a ST4012 “Standard” hammock stand model.

The standard deployment is 4 meters – this is the required distance of each hammock. The comfort you expect to feel and enjoy with this hammock is completely achievable. There is no need to search for trees spaced 4m apart to tie the hammock. Each set-up is important because it changes the way of swinging and the position of the body. With this hammock stand ST4012 “standard” you get the full comfort and even more than expected, which is the slight springing in the cross- section. Its biggest advantage is that you can change the place where you would like to relax and that you can change it at any time. Just pick the landscape, the shadow or the sunny site. You are completely free to make your outing in the park, in the backyard, at home and on the terrace special and delightfully relaxing. A nice book, music, TV, Internet or whatever your desire can amplify the feeling of complete relaxation.

Hammock stand ST4012 “standard”.

All you have to do is choose the place for the hammock and set it up.

Now you have the opportunity to


Take your time and enjoy it wherever you…


Hammock stand ST4012 “standard”.