ST4012 “Standard”

The comfort you expect to feel and enjoy is fully achievable. You do not have to search for trees at a distance of 4 meters to bind to them. Each grip is important because it changes the way of swing and the position of the body. With this stand ST4012 standard, you will get the complete comfort and even more than expected, and it is expressed in the slight vertical spring springs.

The biggest advantage it offers is where you would like to relax for relaxation and you can change it at any time.

With this stand ST4012 “standard” you can enjoy view, shade or sunny location. You have the complete freedom to take a walk in nature or in your yard, as in the house and the terrace unusual and relaxing with delight. A nice book, music, TV, the Internet or whatever you like is a complete relaxation experience. The stand offers a wonderful feeling that you can feel anywhere you want. When you want to take it to a beach or a meadow in the mountain just fold it in its compact bag 1m / 20cm / 20cm.