ST99 “combined”

ST99 "combined"

MAX.LOAD CAPACITY- 120KG. ; 140KG. ; 180KG. ; 230KG. ;

Necessary place in unfolded position of 2sq.m. ; 2.8sq.m. ; 3sq.m. ; 3,3sq.m and 4sq.m.

construction weight: 21.7kg.+-0.5kg.

Price: 690 BGN 575 BGN (galvanized coating)

Price: 1590 BGN 1325 BGN (stainless steel “INOX”)

Hammock stand ST99 “Combined”.

The hammock stand ST99 “Combined” gives you the freedom to choose how you currently want to Relax.

Includes all options without exceptions.

For anyone who wants to have multifunctional and relocating amenities.

The idea of a stand that:

  1. To take up little space in folded state (portable as a bag)
  2. offer different variations
  3. Freedom for place to expand and mobility.

Made with this product.

Try to imagine that wherever you go you have the hammock stand ST99 “Combined”. On the mountain, the meadow, the yard, the terrace, the living room, the beach, camping and where you are pleasant to relax. 

Extend your Hammock without having to search for trees to bind it to and comply with the conditions. 

All this is no longer a problem, and it even gives you the choice of where to find, how it is located, and which option is best suited to you right now.

Only this hammock stand ST99 “Combined” gives you a choice.

There is no other like her.

Choose a fairly horizontal place where the feet of the stand can stand.

The base requires 2 square meters.

Choose an option to assemble and enjoy the experience it offers.


The engagement and position of the hammock is of great importance for the comfort you need. That’s why it was created. The few variations available on the hammock and the mobile version make it unique – in this respect, giving the choice.

A feeling of freedom. Having the freedom to choose and if you think you want another option, you can change it. This is different from all other stands, as a choice and opportunity. 

The position of the hammock and the grip is of great importance, you will be sure of this with the hammock stand ST99 “Combined”.

Here are the options:

  • ST4012 “standard” – this is the required distance of each hammock.
  • ST3312 “boat” – standing and seeing the whole view before you without even lifting. (you will appreciate it in dignity at a time of breath taking view, seeing the children play in front of you or both, and you stand relaxed and swinging in the hammock).
  • ST3018 “smile” – a walk-in bed with a barrier or bench with a hammock “saddle”.
  • ST2814 “wave” – a chair-chair where you can swing with your legs or pull a little higher up with your legs in the hammock – like in a lounge chair.
  • ST2023 “frame” – the highest position of the hammer, relative to the pitch. >>> most durable (load capacity 230kg) >>> most functional with different applications: football door, badminton, “privacy from the cloth or cloth over the top beam”, tent stand, hanger, stoic over the fire to hang your pot, even on carpets – even wash it, etc.) >>> most insured in all planes (“N” forces and “M” moments)
  • KA1002 “sack” – except to carry the stand, to serve as a bed mat and others.
  • ST40P6 – tent stand (as long as you have a canvas)
  • ST20L4 – FUTBOL (Door)
  • ST10L1 “chair” – hammock chair

Comfort incomparable with everything else (chair, bed, sofa …). And all this everywhere you go or go.

At the moment you decide you do not need it, gather it and store it in some corner. You will be surprised at how little space your bag is wrapped in. And always ready for transfer.

For more information about each item, look at the ST stands …. with its description.

hammock stand ST99 “Combined”